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> Vertica > Case Study: Real-Time Market Data Management - BlueCrest Capital Management Ltd.
Published:  Dec 09, 2008
Type:  Case Study
Length:  5 pages

Case Study: Real-Time Market Data Management - BlueCrest Capital Management Ltd.

Case Study Published By: Vertica

BlueCrest Capital Management is a leading European hedge fund, based in London, with over $15 billion in assets-under-management and an award-winning reputation for combining 'technology, diligence and innovation to produce the most efficient risk-taking possible'. Since its launch in 2000, BlueCrest has aimed to stay ahead of the curve by anticipating future challenges and investing early in skills and technology. The firm's traders are highly technical with many trained mathematicians. Complex statistical models form the foundation of some of its trading strategies, and these rely on a rich variety of data-feeds to enable them to trade "anything that ticks", as their Head of Trading Strategy Systems, Justo Ruiz-Ferrer describes it, adding, "We trade everything from traditional fixed income, equities, FX and related derivatives, to exotic commodity, energy and alternative asset classes." In such highly competitive markets, BlueCrest soon realized that good data management was as important as their quantitative models. "You may have a Ferrari, but if you fill up your tank at the supermarket, you won't get the performance," observes Ruiz-Ferrer.

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