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PolarLake USA

PolarLake's Data Management Platform enables some of the largest firms in Financial Services to acquire, manage and distribute Reference Data with speed, agility, control with embedded Security not seen before in the Reference Data Management Market. A number of leading Financial Services firms are using PolarLake to load data up to 11x faster, query securities from the store 17x faster and onboard new data feeds 20x faster than their legacy Data Management Platforms. PolarLake have implemented a truly disruptive technology based on a unique combination of XML streaming, storage and semantic web technologies. PolarLake's Data Management Platform is a post relational database solution, enabling firms to utilize semantic web technology to solve problems that relational data models were never designed to solve. The Platform also has the leading Reference Data Distribution capability in the market. PolarLake has been recognized by Industry Analysts as a leader in the Reference Data Distribution and Integration space, named by Aite as the most packaged Reference Data Distribution solution and included in the Gartner visionaries' quadrant.
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PolarLake USA