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Published By: AstuteIT_ABM_EMEA     Published Date: Feb 12, 2018
En un momento en que las empresas pretenden emular la agilidad de desarrollo de las compañías de Internet e innovar en mercados muy competitivos, el desarrollo de las aplicaciones se ha hecho cada vez más complejo. Los ingentes códigos fuente monolíticos que tradicionalmente acompañan a las aplicaciones empresariales ralentizan el lanzamiento de nuevos servicios. Además, la dispersión y aislamiento de los equipos de desarrollo y de operaciones dificultan la coordinación. A eso hay que añadirle que los usuarios son cada vez más exigentes y las empresas deben escalar y monitorizar las implementaciones para poder ofrecer una experiencia satisfactoria y un gran rendimiento. Todo ello, desde luego, sin interrumpir los servicios.
Tags : 
microservicios, evolucion, arquitectura, aplicaciones, modernas
Published By: Oracle     Published Date: Oct 20, 2017
Security has become top of mind for CIOs, and CEOs. Encryption at rest is a piece of the solution, but not a big piece. Encryption over the network is another piece, but only a small piece. These and other pieces do not fit together well; they need to unencrypt and reencrypt the data when they move through the layers, leaving clear versions that create complex operational issues to monitor and detect intrusion. Larger-scale high-value applications requiring high security often use Oracle middleware, including Java and Oracle database. Traditional security models give the data to the processors to encrypt and unencrypt, often many times. The overhead is large, and as a result encryption is used sparingly on only a few applications. The risk to enterprises is that they may have created an illusion of security, which in reality is ripe for exploitation. The modern best-practice security model is an end-to-end encryption architecture. The application deploys application-led encryption s
Tags : 
Published By: Workday     Published Date: Feb 27, 2018
CIOs today face a delicate, difficult balancing act between meeting business objectives and securing information. Markets are becoming more global, product life cycles are shrinking, and profit margins are declining. Organisations need their finance, human resource, and planning systems to be agile and able to change as quickly as the business. System complexity is increasing, though. Enterprises deploy more applications to more endpoints than ever before. Hackers have evolved from isolated sociopaths into highly organised groups relying on leading-edge technology. Finally, IT budgets are growing, albeit slowly: International Data Corp. (IDC) expects budgets to increase 3.4% in 2017. So many CIOs are struggling to find the resources needed to ward off attacks.
Tags : 
business, enterprises, cloud, organisations, cybercrime
Published By: SAP SME     Published Date: Dec 10, 2015
La consultora independiente Mint Jutras explica cómo llevar una nueva generación de soluciones de gestión de negocios a la nube puede simplificar su TI, acceso a datos -y cómo trabaja.
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Published By: Microsoft     Published Date: May 04, 2010
Software Asset Management (SAM) enables IT leaders to take control of their software inventory and investments across the entire organization. Among the benefits: cost savings, increased agility and accuracy in software procurement, and improved controls to ensure license compliance.
Tags : 
software asset management, sam, cio, software procurement, inviso, microsoft, eprocurement, return on investment, system management software, total cost of ownership, service management
Published By: OutSystems     Published Date: Apr 01, 2014
This whitepaper examines the scale and complexity of the IT skills issue, focusing on specific areas within the IT departments where the skills issue will impact most, particularly around application development.
Tags : 
it skills, application development talent, school curriculum, office productivity, change management, project management, return on investment
Published By: Workday UK     Published Date: Mar 08, 2018
It’s no small feat for CIOs to balance efforts to support agility, contain IT costs, and keep data safe and secure. Moving to the cloud delivers on those first two priorities, but what about security? Can the cloud really keep your information safe? In the report “Demystifying Cloud Security,” you’ll learn why the cloud is your best bet for data security and discover additional benefits your business could experience by moving to the cloud. Read the report to learn more.
Tags : 
Workday UK
Published By: Workday Spain     Published Date: Aug 07, 2018
The role of the CIO is currently experiencing vast change and increased attention from the executive team as a leader who can guide a strategic path for how technology can improve business growth. The CIO’s responsibilities once focused almost entirely on selecting and managing technology solutions, but over the past several years the role of IT has shifted to broadly supporting enterprise strategy through technology, including the creation of new digital businesses. CIOs must now be immersed in both business and technology, and ensure that the organisation overall has the right platforms in place to thrive and grow.
Tags : 
Workday Spain
Published By: CA Virtualization/Automation     Published Date: Oct 18, 2010
To handle the demands of modern business, CIOs must manage their internal data centers more effectively and learn how to leverage public cloud resources. The solution: a hybrid cloud strategy facilitated by a dynamic data center.
Tags : 
role automation, driving, data center automation, cloud computing, hybrid, cloud, data center, backup and recovery, storage management, storage virtualization, data center design and management, infrastructure
CA Virtualization/Automation
Published By: CA Service Assurance     Published Date: May 23, 2011
IDG Research Services recently conducted a study via the CIO Forum on LinkedIn. The results found that CIOs and IT leaders recognize the business impact of web application performance. It's all about the end user: ensuring customer satisfaction, increasing employee productivity, and lowering IT costs.
Tags : 
web application performance, cio, end user, idg research services, linkedin, it leaders, ca technologies, customer satisfaction, employee productivity, it cost, application performance management, customer experience management, productivity
CA Service Assurance
Published By: HP - Enterprise     Published Date: Nov 19, 2008
While investments to secure the enterprise continue to rise, breaches into company systems and data are skyrocketing. These cyber crimes are consistently debilitating organizations operations, reputations and ultimately, viability. Today’s CEOs are demanding aggressive strategies to protect their business. CIOs and CSOs are working together to employ proven Business Software Assurance approaches across the enterprise to stay ahead of constant threats.
Tags : 
business risk, security, application security, audit, risk, vulnerabilities, fortify, fortify software, hackers, cyber threats, application security standards, threats, assessment, remediation, ciso, cyber crime, breaches, information technology, c-level, auditing
HP - Enterprise
Published By: BMC     Published Date: Jan 05, 2012
Find out what the future of cloud means for IT organizations, tech businesses and for the CIOs who have to make information technology work.
Tags : 
bmc, cloud, cio, cto, hardware, operations, business operations, productivity, monitoring, network management, desktop management, cloud computing, infrastructure
Published By: Enterprise Mobile     Published Date: Sep 30, 2013
: Interested in knowing what CIOs and other IT executives really think about the future of enterprise mobility? Enterprise Mobile uncovers the results of a survey conducted to assess the business impact of enterprise mobility based on input from technology leaders. The webinar provides tips to prepare for the future of enterprise mobility, secrets to removing barriers to mobile strategy implementation, and shares trends around how other companies are embracing mobile security.
Tags : 
mobility-as-a service, managed mobility services, byod, bring-your-own-device, enterprise mobile, mobility, enterprise mobility, mobile strategy, mobile security, mobile management, device management, enterprise mobile devices
Enterprise Mobile
Published By: CA Technologies     Published Date: Jun 04, 2015
"As empresas que dependem muito da TI para prestar serviços aos clientes são movidas constantemente pelas pressões do mercado para desenvolver e lançar novas funções de software que atendam às exigências cada vez maiores. Facilitar a colaboração entre o desenvolvimento e as operações de TI e colocar o aplicativo no mercado mais rapidamente e com maior qualidade são fundamentais para o sucesso dos negócios. Este resumo da solução apresenta informações sobre o movimento do DevOps, por que ele é importante e como é possível cruzar o abismo para melhorar a colaboração e gerar rapidamente valor para a empresa. Você aprenderá como as soluções da CA Technologies para DevOps otimizarão seu portfólio de tecnologias de TI em um ritmo de versões mais previsível e rápido, permitindo confirmar os resultados de cada fase do ciclo de vida do software que sejam positivos para a empresa."
Tags : 
CA Technologies
Published By: Red Hat     Published Date: May 05, 2015
New Gartner research predicts that 75% of IT organizations will have a bimodal capability by 2017. Bimodal is a critical capability that combines the solid conventional capabilities of IT alongside a capability to respond to the level of uncertainty and the need for agility required for a digital transformation. According to Gartner, half of IT organizations that have a bimodal capability will make a mess. Learn more about Gartner's predictions for common mistakes that CIOs will make and how to avoid them.
Tags : 
red hat, gartner, bimodal it, cio, it architecture, hybrid, ntegration, devops, automation, sourcing, innovation management, it management, knowledge management, enterprise applications
Red Hat
Published By: Ayla Networks     Published Date: Aug 11, 2015
Innovative approaches for the Internet of Things on core building-block technologies in communications, IoT platforms and security. Gartner profiled five Cool Vendors that can help CIOs, IT leaders and decision makers to build IoT solutions.
Tags : 
Ayla Networks
Published By: CA Technologies EMEA     Published Date: May 24, 2018
El crecimiento de su empresa es una prioridad continua. Además, a medida que la economía de las aplicaciones sigue creciendo, es probable que busque iniciativas de negocio digital para fomentar gran parte de dicho crecimiento. Algunos de los objetivos más prometedores de dicha estrategia son los siguientes: • Ofrecimiento de experiencias digitales superiores para consumidores a través de dispositivos móviles • Expansión de los flujos de mercados e ingresos a través de varios canales• Conexión de empleados y partners con los datos de la empresa en cualquier lugar y en todo momento • Lanzamiento de servicios nuevos innovadores en el Internet de las cosas (IoT)
Tags : 
CA Technologies EMEA
Published By: Aryaka Networks     Published Date: Sep 26, 2018
In this report, you will learn how SD-WAN deployments can save an enterprise millions of dollars in network costs, reduce bandwidth outages, and also lower the amount of support tickets for network troubleshooting.
Tags : 
Aryaka Networks
Published By: Brocade     Published Date: Sep 08, 2010
CIOs expect tomorrow's corporate networks to fulfill a wide range of sometimes-conflicting demands. But it won't happen overnight!
Tags : 
brocade, convergence 2.0, network operations, business performance, cloud, convergence, network performance, network performance management, application performance management, cloud computing
Published By: CA Technologies EMEA     Published Date: Apr 10, 2018
Importancia de la velocidad y la agilidad. Los negocios se están viendo afectados cada día por las empresas digitales emergentes que encuentran formas de satisfacer las nuevas necesidades del mercado antes de que puedan reaccionar las compañías más consolidadas.
Tags : 
CA Technologies EMEA
Published By: CA Technologies EMEA     Published Date: Apr 10, 2018
Das Tempo der Veränderungen wird schneller. Kundenerwartungen, Veränderungen bei Mitbewerbern und Änderungen an Vorschriften stellen globale Märkte auf den Kopf – und Ihre Geschäftstätigkeit auch. In dieser schnellen, neuen Application Economy stehen Softwarelösungen im Mittelpunkt aller Unternehmen und Branchen. Die Zeiten sind vorbei, in denen Sie eine Anwendung oder ein Produkt entwerfen und es dann jahrelang so gut wie unverändert anbieten konnten. Um die umwälzenden externen Faktoren zu überleben, die praktisch hinter jeder Ecke lauern, müssen Sie die Nase vorn behalten und den Mitbewerbern einen Schritt voraus sein. Personen in Ihrer Position in anderen Unternehmen stehen wahrscheinlich vor ähnlichen Herausforderungen wie Sie, sind jedoch marktführend, indem sie fortlaufend Marktchancen erkennen und innovative neue Produkte bereitstellen. Wie machen die das?
Tags : 
CA Technologies EMEA
Published By: Arcserve     Published Date: Jul 23, 2010
This IDG Research Services study demonstrates that CIOs and IT leaders recognize the business impact of application performance. It's all about end-user and customer satisfaction, increasing productivity, and lowering costs.
Tags : 
ca technologies, cio, application performance management, customer satisfaction, productivity, customer interaction service, customer relationship management, customer service
Published By: Brother     Published Date: Nov 23, 2015
Many CIOs may be surprised to find a significant business loss caused by their own departments. How does your company compare? Run through these questions and find out.
Tags : 
it management, brother, cios, optimization, it professionals, scanners, printers
Published By: Brother     Published Date: Nov 23, 2015
Download this whitepaper and learn some unexpected ways CIOs can help improve productivity and reduce costs.
Tags : 
brother, cios, productivity, cost reduction, smbs, business loss, it management
Published By: HP     Published Date: Sep 06, 2011
Download this white paper to find out why CIOs and IT managers are discovering blade servers to be the ultimate solution for workload consolidation.
Tags : 
energy costs, blades, data center design, blade servers, mobile computing, cloud computing, data center design and management, design and facilities
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