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> iboss > Choosing a Superior Cybersecurity Solution
Published:  Jan 22, 2018
Type:  White Paper
Length:  9 pages

Choosing a Superior Cybersecurity Solution

White Paper Published By: iboss

The cyber threats facing todayís organizations are more sophisticated than ever before. This is evidenced by the number of breaches occurring in large, well-established organizations with the resources to deploy the most advanced cybersecurity available. Yet, despite their deep pockets, high-profile targets like Anthem, Target, and Sony have been the victims of huge data breaches where millions of sensitive records and terabytes of data were stolen. Thatís why choosing the right cybersecurity solution has never been more important. Organizations need to understand why all security technologies are not alike.

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iboss, cybersecurity, intrusion detection, security, cyberattack, network security, hacker detection, intrusion prevention, ssl, wireless security, data protection