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> HotSchedules > Success Story: Duckworth’s Grill & Taphouse
Published:  Mar 03, 2017
Type:  White Paper
Length:  5 pages

Success Story: Duckworth’s Grill & Taphouse

White Paper Published By: HotSchedules

With more than 100 different menu items and up to 151 rotating beers on tap, Duckworth's Grill & Taphouse offers up quite the learning curve for its new employees. To help scale that curve, Duckworth's relies on the educational firepower and convenience provided by HotSchedules Train powered by Schoox, a social, mobile eLearning platform built for restaurants. Duckworth's also uses HotSchedules for staff scheduling across its six locations in North Carolina.

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Tags : 
hotschedulestrain, duckworth case study, staff scheduling, elearning, lms, talent performance software, workforce management software