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> Grey Matter > How can you keep your data safe in the cloud?
Grey Matter
Published:  Jan 13, 2017
Type:  White Paper
Length:  23 pages

How can you keep your data safe in the cloud?

White Paper Published By: Grey Matter

Where and how we all work is now defined by digital workplaces, not physical locations, and data. Whether youre IT or business-oriented, you need to store and secure valuable data, keep it out of reach of the wrong hands, and make sure you can retrieve it rapidly. Because, whatever happens whether its a problem such as accidental file deletion or a bigger problem like a malicious attack your business needs to carry on regardless.

This change has introduced new and important considerations for both business and technology managers. Its also changed the way in which businesses look at storage, backup and data recovery services. Instead of a traditional approach, theyre implementing business continuity and disaster recovery services on the cloud.

This eBook shows how Grey Matter enables businesses to be more successful by offering the right solutions to be more agile, more productive, and protected against threats to security and continuity for today and tomorrow.

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