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> Cisco > Campus LAN and Wireless LAN Design Summary
Published:  Dec 21, 2016
Type:  White Paper
Length:  72 pages

Campus LAN and Wireless LAN Design Summary

White Paper Published By: Cisco

There is a tendency to discount the network as just simple plumbing, to think that all you have to consider is the size and the length of the pipes or the speeds and feeds of the links, and to dismiss the rest as unimportant. Just as the plumbing in a large stadium or high rise has to be designed for scale, purpose, redundancy, protection from tampering or denial of operation, and the capacity to handle peak loads, the network requires similar consideration. As users depend on the network to access the majority of the information they need to do their jobs and to transport their voice or video with reliability, the network must be able to provide resilient, intelligent transport. 

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