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> Adobe > La nouvelle norme: l'Expérience Client d'Abord
Published:  Feb 10, 2016
Type:  White Paper
Length:  15 pages

La nouvelle norme: l'Expérience Client d'Abord

White Paper Published By: Adobe

Today, it’s rare for a company to maintain a truly lasting advantage. That’s because the competitive landscape is shifting at an unprecedented pace, due to a number of factors. Customers are more mobile, more informed, less loyal, and more demanding.

Start-ups can more easily enter markets and disrupt them, and fast followers can quickly copy and improve upon another business’s products—often at a reduced cost.

This white paper shows how to build a customer-centric model. 

Download this paper to find out more. 

Tags : 
customer experience, mobility, mobile devices, marketing experiences, digital trends, marketing experiences, customer-centric model, mobile computing, smart phones, customer interaction service, customer relationship management, customer satisfaction, customer service