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> Brainshark > Forrester: The B2B CMO’s New Role in Sales Enablement
Published:  Apr 24, 2015
Type:  White Paper
Length:  19 pages

Forrester: The B2B CMO’s New Role in Sales Enablement

White Paper Published By: Brainshark

It’s no secret that marketing and sales are often in contention over the lead-to-revenue process. A shift to a more interdependent alliance is necessary – but not always easily achieved.

This report from Forrester Research takes an in-depth look at how the “modern marketer” can transform this historically tense relationship through customer-focused sales enablement, starting with the CMO. Inside you’ll find:

  •    Tips for navigating the changing nature of the marketing and sales relationship
  •     Examples of how to rethink sales enablement around the customer lifecycle
  •     Ideas for leveraging technology to understand buyers and create demand

Download your free copy today to learn how marketing and sales can work together to drive revenue through lifelong customer engagement.

Tags : 
marketing strategy, sales marketing alignment, sales content, sales enablement, cmo, content marketing, product marketing, customer engagement, forrester marketing, sales prospecting