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> IBM > The Cost of a Bad App -- and How to Deliver a Good One, Fast
Published:  Apr 06, 2015
Type:  Webinar

The Cost of a Bad App -- and How to Deliver a Good One, Fast

Webinar Published By: IBM

How effective is your mobile app development process when it comes to meeting customer needs and business objectives? IBM commissioned Forrester to identify the key drivers of successful mobile apps and the costs of failure -- for both customer-facing and enterprise applications.

Watch the webcast to understand the key cost drivers and why it’s more important than ever to get this right due to what Forrester calls the “mobile mind shift.” IBM customer, Bank of Montreal, also shares their mobile app dev story.  A good app can increase traffic, sales, productivity and brand satisfaction. And a bad app will do the opposite (you could risk doubling your costs if you’re not mindful of the key cost drivers).

Tags : 
mobile app development, customer-facing applications, enterprise applications, ibm, mobile moments, traffic, sales, productivity, brand satisfaction, software development