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> Coveo > Measuring Return on Knowledge in a Big Data World
Published:  Nov 13, 2013
Type:  White Paper
Length:  19 pages

Measuring Return on Knowledge in a Big Data World

White Paper Published By: Coveo

Find Knowledge. Find Experts. Anywhere. Fast.

The most critical challenge that knowledge managers face is connecting the dots between what is known, and the people who need to know it.

This eBook outlines cutting-edge strategies and technologies that transform knowledge management initiatives by turning data and information from anywhere into actionable knowledge. It outlines your road map to a higher return on knowledge by:  

  • Connecting people to relevant knowledge in context
  • Connecting people to relevant experts in context
  • Consolidate the information ecosystem
  • Empowering content contribution
  • Personalizing information access for employees and customers 

The eBook also includes case study examples of leading companies that have improved customer service, productivity, innovation and profitability with a higher return on knowledge. 

Tags : 
big data, internal knowledgebase, knowledge management, unified search, search engines