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> F5 Networks Inc > Gartner Magic Quadrant: SSL VPN
F5 Networks Inc
Published:  Oct 19, 2012
Type:  White Paper
Length:  13 pages

Gartner Magic Quadrant: SSL VPN

White Paper Published By: F5 Networks Inc

Remote access is a fact of everyday life for IT-enabled employees who work with a mixture of business-provided and personally owned devices, creating the need for vigilant security that works across multiple devices and OSs. This takes the definition of a remote-access VPN well beyond the basic need for an encrypted transport connection.

Compelling use cases for SSL VPNs include:

  • They provide selective access to systems on a need-to-know basis, allowing relatively easy access partitioning to support use cases, such as contractors, personal employee devices and ad hoc emergency access from unknown systems.
  • They provide secure intranet or Internet business portals. SSL VPNs, combined with Web-enabled business applications, create instant, robust portals capable of extending strong authentication and health checks.
  • They provide ad hoc private service to support unplanned and emergency remote-access needs

In this Magic Quadrant, Gartner examines the role of SSL VPNs in remote access and the state of the market. Read this paper to learn how to evaluate the suitability of SSL VPNs in a range of remote-access use cases.

Tags : 
ssl vpn, virtual private networks, magic quadrant, remote access, virtualization, cloud computing