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> VMWare - vFabric > Simplified Application Provisioning with VMware vFabric Application Director
VMWare - vFabric
Published:  May 10, 2012
Type:  Webinar

Simplified Application Provisioning with VMware vFabric Application Director

Webinar Published By: VMWare - vFabric

There are two main items on the agenda of IT organizations for the next two years. First, how do you continue the virtualization journey and build your cloud strategy? Second, how can you modernize your applications and operations processes to meet critical business needs such as agility and lower costs? VMware vFabricT Application Director, a core building block in the VMware Active Application management suite, delivers a new approach to deploying applications on cloud infrastructure that allows you to gain agility and control of the application lifecycle. Application Director allows you to build application blueprints that can be repeated by different users within your organization and deployed to any cloud from a central location. 

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